My name’s Jonah Ryan and I am the person behind Omnimorphic Games. Or really the only person behind it…

When I was 13 (2016) I started this website to share my games with other people. That was the same year I released my first App, Tap Galactic! It didn’t make any money, but it was a huge success for me! A year later Super Slippy Slime came out and a year after that, Crazy Cafe came out.

Now in 2020, I’m a junior in high school working on my next project. With 2+ years of development so far, Flippy Hats will probably be my biggest game to date!

Flippy Hats Development Video (2018)

If you want to follow the development from the very beginning or support Omnimorphic Games’ future, please check out my Patreon page!